AHX Series Hudraulic Torgue Wrenches

AHX Series Hudraulic Torgue Wrenches

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AHX Series Features & Specifications

  • Unique Design Cylinder - Fit both the cylinder and link in confined areas.
  • Auto Engagement Rod - Automatically engages link on the first stroke.
  • Never-Lock Drive Segment - Ensures tool will NEVER lock on.
  • Multi- Tooth Ratchet - Allows for 27-degree torque stroke accuracy.
  • One Piece Drive Plate - Robust alloy provides for small nose radius.
  • Single Link Pin - Link to cylinder engagement, no tools required.
  • In-Line Reaction Pad - Assures torsion free reaction every time.
  • Steel Alignment Pin - Assures equal load displacement between side plates.
  • Innovative Design - Cylinder and link width are equal for tight fits.
  • 360° x 360° Swivel - Allows hose to be cleared on all applications.
  • Curved Slider - Prevents wear of piston and drive plate and reduces cost of repairs.
  • Nose Radius - Tight nose radius allows this tool to fit on limited access applications.
  • High Strength Construction - Both cylinder and cassette are manufactured from high strength, high grade aircraft alloy.